Month: July 2016

Trees to Keep Away from Children

Keep Holly away from the little ones this season.

Going to work on putting your family tree together using the study of genetics is so fascinating with the right scientific materials .  In some cases, taking the time to search can eventually lead to meeting new people and even new family reunions.

But not all of us are prepared enough to handle all the things that can go wrong when young children are added to the mix.  Especially when family is involved, parents will feel more comfortable and less inclined to constantly supervise their more rebellious young ones.  One example of this is the “kid table” which usually means leaving older kid cousins to watch over toddlers, but keep in mind that these cousins don’t know every child’s needs.  They are still kids, and not professional care takers.

Even us adults are unaware of the dangers to children that may lurk in our homes.  4FamilyTree is all about family trees, but what about tangible, real trees?  Well, there are in fact, a number of tree species that should be kept away or blocked off from juvenile access:

  • Black locust
  • Buckeye
  • Cherry
  • Chinaberry
  • Goldenchain
  • Holly
  • Mountain laurel
  • Sandbox
  • Tunb

When it comes to finding the most efficient solution to keeping your lawn and trees not only in top shape, but safe for the rest of the family, we recommend the arborists at grandrapidstree.com – best tree removal company.

Honestly, we found the Holly on the list to be quite surprising!  Holly and ivy are associated with Christmas and good feelings, after being made popular by the song, “The Holly and the Ivy,” a British folk song for the holidays.  But if young children are left alone, they might consume harmful substances found in these trees.  In addition to trees, also keep in mind any poisonous flowers that would be deadly if ingested.  Common examples include but are not limited to lilies, African violet, and the office and home favorite, the Dieffenbachia.

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