Erna Petznick- Her Faithful Journey

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ernabook2We would like to take a small part of the day to appreciate Tom’s Aunt Erna and her service to keeping the faith real her whole life.  The following is how she was remembered by those closer to her:

In 1941, Erna graduated from SBS (Springfield Bible College in Springfield, Missouri) and began a life of Christian Ministry.  She spent time in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky before returning to Springfield, Illinois.  In April of 1945, she met Ruby Mae Enyart, who also was called to service for the Lord.  And then, together they formed what was to become a lifelong companionship with the Ministry.

In 1992, Erna and Ruby wrote their Memoirs and published it in a book titled, Can God Furnish a Table in the Wilderness?  The above photo is the back cover.  The book tells of Erna and Ruby’s lives, the many roads they traveled with the Ministry, and stories of people who were inspired through a personal relationship with Christ.

A large portion of Erna’s contribution to their Ministry was playing music.  She learned how to play the accordion, and continued to practice the organ in her later years.  By the time the late 1960s came around, Erna and Ruby were co-pastors in a Church in Lovelock, Nevada.  It was the winning float in the Penny Parade, which  raised money for the Assembly of God Church ministries.

Erna passed away on Sunday, December 23, 2001 at the Maranatha Lodge in Springfield, Missouri.  Tom recalled, “I am thankful that I was able to be there for her for her last three days on this earth.”

Erna became a dear friend and confidant to some lucky people in the world and she will be missed dearly.

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