Who is a genealogist?

Written on June 24, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

When someone says the word “genealogist,” usually a clear picture of what that profession would look like, does not exactly pop up in our minds.  Aside from the miniature version of detective work your cousin may have done to trace her ancestors using online services, most of us do not get a first-hand look at what a day spent being a genealogist, would look like.

When mainstream family tree search services online market to us, they usually say something along the lines of,  “We have a talented team of accredited genealogists, etc. etc…” None of these advertisements, however, seem to explain to us exactly what makes their company reliable.  Although a professional could be approved by a board of more senior genealogists, there is actually no official requirements.  But like most fields that grow in popularity, as time goes on, those who are new to the study of family trees may find educational courses and expert guidance to be more helpful.

But don’t let this convince you that a career as a genealogist would necessarily be easy.  More than a science background, knowledge in history and organized record keeping are a part of the skills that you will need to be successful.  Do you take the extra step to learn about your area’s local history and attend conferences regularly?  Then taking more steps to becoming a genealogy expert could be right for you.

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