Birthdates and Birthdays

Written on June 23, 2016   By   in Uncategorized

Aside from my relatives being a part of the family tree, birthdate is often included.  But to a lot of people, that date on the calendar is seen as something special to look forward to.  And what is there not to like about birth dates– it means you came into this world and got to grace it with your presence.

As children, we have either had a birthday party or at least attended a classmate’s celebration.  There were lots snacks or finger foods at those parties, and if you were one of the lucky ones you got to stuff your face with both cake and ice cream simultaneously.  Well, at least that was my favorite part.

But sometimes amidst presents, flair, and party hosts one can forget what is the most important part of this day.  We can get lost amongst our familial or work obligations and spend all of our focus on being a good host instead of pausing and appreciating another year of life and the small, but thoughtful ways those close to us show love and care.  But most of all you can take the day to love yourself– think about the things you can do to enjoy and appreciate the current moment.

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