A Little About Tom

Welcome to my web page!  This site is devoted to the genealogies of my four family surnames:  Petznick, Pine, McKee and Gittins. to

Since I’ve had several requests to do so, here is a picture of me taken in the fall of 1999 on the deck behind my house in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  I was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel in 1991.  And, when I’m not working on my web page, I am generally a bit of a history buff, reading  historical novels or Civil War auto-biographies.

In my spare time, I also like to create things! In January of 2000, I gave my mother, Mary Louise Pine Petznick, a Room Box I had made for her 83rd birthday, in honor of her many years of teaching music.   Also, not professing to be a carpenter, but I managed to design and build a new deck on the back of our home.  Contact me, Tom, if you would like more information or pictures.

But, maybe you are here today to find out more information about yourself and your genealogy.  Our family is very large.  In my research, I have found that many surnames have several variants in their coat of arms.  The family tree currently contains 7260 individuals, in 2420 family groups (subject to change over time as more family members are discovered.)